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Six Frighteningly Good Halloween Costume Ideas For Your Best Halloween Yet

Buffalo Exhange, Halloween Costume Inspiration
By Aarian Frye

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — Halloween! As the witching hour approaches, you may find yourself without a costume – that’s where Buffalo Exchange comes in. From our favorite movies to our favorite foods, we’ve compiled some of our favorite costumes from last year to inspire your look this Halloween! Ready to recreate one of these? Just step into your local Buffalo – we’ll help you find everything you need to create your spookiest costume yet!

Teen Dream

Want a super trendy costume that you can pull together with pieces from your own closet? Live out your teenage dream with looks from your favorite high school comedies!

A Mean Girls costume is totally fetch – just don’t tell Regina George! Photo from Buffalo Exchange Tempe.

Buffalo Exchange HQ, Tempe, Mean Girls, Halloween Group Costume, Costume Ideas
Buffalo Exchange, Boston, Allston, Romy and Michelle, Halloween Costume, Costume Ideas

If there’s any time to try out the Romy and Michelle diet of gummy bears, jellybeans and candy corn, it’s Halloween! Photo from Buffalo Exchange Boston (Allston).

XOXO, you know you love this Gossip Girl group from Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn (Boerum Hill)!

Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn Boerum Hill Halloween Gossip Girl

We Can Be Heroes

If you’re looking for a classic costume that works year after year, we recommend dressing up as a superhero!

Buffalo Exchange Santa Monica Gotham Halloween Costumes Batman, Batgirl and Joker

Holy Group Costumes, Batman! Superhero teams are an easy way to get all of your friends involved in a costume that packs a real punch. Photo from Buffalo Exchange Santa Monica.

We came all the way from Paradise Island to bring you this Wonder Woman costume! Photo from Buffalo Exchange Tucson.

Buffalo Exchange, Tucson, Wonder Woman, Halloween Costume, Costume Ideas
Buffalo Exchange, Portland, Hawthorne, The Joker, Halloween Costume, Costume Ideas

Want to play the antihero? The Joker is the perfect costume for you. Photo from Buffalo Exchange Portland (Hawthorne).

Queens and Kings of Pop

Emulating your favorite musicians on Halloween is a surefire way to guarantee you’ll be the star of the party.

If you’re coupled, try out one of pop’s most iconic duo – Prince and Apollonia from Purple Rain. Photo from Buffalo Exchange Phoenix.

Buffalo Exchange Phoenix Halloween Costumes Prince and Apollonia
Buffalo Exchange, Seattle, Market District, Beyonce, Lemonade, Halloween Costume, Costume Ideas

Feeling more like a single lady? Beyoncé is the costume for you! Photo from Buffalo Exchange Seattle (Market).

The 80s Called…

Everyone loves a great 80s movie costume. Costume tip: don’t forget to practice your character’s signature line!

Party time, excellent with a Wayne and Garth get-up! Photo from Buffalo Exchange Albuquerque.

Buffalo Exchange Albuquerque Halloween Wayne's World Wayne and Garth
Buffalo Exchange, Eugene, The Breakfast Club, Halloween Costume, Costume Ideas

Join the Breakfast Club with a group costume like this from Buffalo Exchange Eugene.

Snack Attack

There are few things sweeter than a couple’s costume – except for couples who dress like their favorite snacks!

We love this super sweet milk and cookies couple’s costume from Buffalo Exchange Portland (Hawthorne).

Buffalo Exchange, Portland, Hawthorne, Milk and Cookies, Halloween Costume, Costume Ideas
Buffalo Exchange, Ventura, Halloween Costumes, Chicken Nugget and Ketchup

A tender nugget and ketchup duo from Buffalo Exchange Ventura.

It’s not delivery, it’s a pizza pair from Buffalo Exchange Bellingham!

Buffalo Exchange, Bellingham, Halloween, Pizza costume

Feeling Animated!

Want a costume that’s as bright and colorful as you are? Go for the ultimate nostalgia trip with costumes inspired by your favorite childhood cartoons!

Buffalo Exchange Group Halloween Costumes Scooby Doo Costume
Where are you hanging out this Halloween? With the Scooby Doo Mystery Gang at Buffalo Exchange San Francisco Haight Street!

There’s nothing despicable about this Minion from Buffalo Exchange Houston!

Buffalo Exchange, Houston, Despicable Me, Minion, Halloween Costume, Costume Ideas
Buffalo Exchange Orange County Fullerton Halloween The Flintstones Fred Wilma Barney Betty Pebbles Dino

ROCK the house as everyone’s favorite prehistoric family: The Flintstones! Photo from Buffalo Exchange Fullerton.

Now that you’ve seen that pulling together a Halloween costume doesn’t have to be so scary, head over to your local Buffalo Exchange. We’ve got everything you need to make this the spookiest – and most stylish – Halloween yet!