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6 Chill Winter Fashion Trends To Add to Your Closet

When it comes to winter dressing, comfort is key — but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. To help you decide what to wear this season, we’ve compiled a list of effortlessly cool winter fashion trends: scroll through to see this year’s hottest trends for staying cozy and current in chilly weather!

Collage of ski-inspired fashion including shearling jackets, fuzzy accessories and snow boots

Apres-Ski, All The Time 

Après-ski — or “after ski” — is a style of dress inspired by what skiers traditionally wear under their outermost layers after a long day of hitting the slopes. Luckily for you, a reservation at your nearest ski lodge isn’t required to try this winter fashion trend: give it a go with chunky sweaters, Fair Isle prints, puffer vests, casual snow boots and plush accessories.

Play The Long (Outerwear) Game 

Consider this winter fashion trend a cheat code to cold-weather dressing: when the temps are low, a long coat is all you need to make a great outfit (just don’t run out the door without wearing a base layer underneath!) The material is up to you, but we think winter is a great time for tactile textures like faux fur, shearling and velvet. If you’re looking for something a little more sleek, classic woven coats and luxe leather are great options.

Collage image of people wearing long winter coats
Collage of people wearing dark denim clothing

Dark Denim

No denim goes better from day to night than a dark wash. With the sun setting early this time of year in the northern hemisphere, it’s the perfect winter fashion trend to add to your rotation! Style your dark wash denim casually with a solid tee or sweater, or go all-out in a double (or triple!) denim ensemble.

Red-y to Wear 

Carmine, crimson or scarlet, there are vermillion ways to wear red! Suitable as a staple, statement and accent color, there isn’t anything this winter fashion trend can’t accomplish: treat it as a neutral with other pared-back shades, go bold with a monochromatic look or add a pop of red as the cherry on top of a favorite outfit already in your wardrobe.

Collage of red clothing, shoes and accessories and people in red outfits
Collage of people wearing platform boots surrounded by platform shoes

Platform Shoes for Foolproof (and Fallproof?) Winter Fashion

Avoid the pratfalls of walking in a winter wonderland while wearing subpar footwear (re: wet toes!) and think ahead with platform boots, loafers and sneakers. Elevated soles can take your outfit from a 2 to a 10 and, with a little extra traction, you stand a better chance of stepping over street slush without slipping — ah, the beauty of winter! On the brightside, this winter fashion trend translates well from season to season, so you’ll still be able to wear your fav platforms when spring rolls around.

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