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Buffalo Exchange Is Buying for Warm Weather! What to Sell From Your Closet Now

We know that the New Year technically begins in January, but it’s hard to feel like you’ve got a fresh start with frost still on the windows. Now that warm weather has arrived, it’s time to defrost, declutter and dream up your ideal closet! You probably already know that Buffalo Exchange is always buying, but do you know what we’re buying? Keep reading to learn more about what we’re looking for and then pack it all up to bring into your local Buffalo Exchange!

collage of plain and graphic tee shirts and jeans on white background

Bread and Butter (aka Tees and Jeans!) 

Let’s start with the basics: no matter the season, Buffalo Exchange is always buying tee shirts and jeans (here’s an insider secret: they’re actually our top sellers!) In particular, we’re looking for classic tees, with or without graphics. If you’ve got a supply of retro and vintage tees, we’d love to see those, too! For jeans, the styles that are selling well for us include classic straight legs, medium rises and relaxed fits, but we also love to get funky with barrel legs, extra-wide silhouettes and retro inspired-cuts.

Blouses and Button Downs

As the temps rise, so does our need for easy breezy blouses and button-downs! Short or long-sleeved, the styles we’re currently looking for are lightweight and layerable, perfect for the transition from cool weather to spring and summer. 

Collage of men's and women's button-ups and blouses
Collage of women's dresses for summer


Like tees and jeans, dresses are another category we’re always buying! The warm weather styles that sell best for us are more casual closet chameleons that can work for day to night: think a-line, shift and other comfortable cuts in regular or midi lengths. We do also buy cocktail or semi-formal styles, but just know that space is limited — what we select is based on customer asks and inventory needs, so we’re usually looking for those one-of-a-kind, stand-out pieces.

Shorts and Skirts

A list about warm weather styles would come up short without mentioning, well, shorts! The shorts we’re searching for have relaxed cuts with a universally wearable length, between mid-thigh and knee length, but we currently have lots of interest from shoppers for oversized, baggier fits. For skirts, we’re buying minis, midis and maxis! The textiles that sell well for both shorts and skirts include cotton, denim, linen and similar comfortable fabrics suited for warm weather.

Collage of summer skirts and shorts
Collage of lightweight outerwear and sweaters


Because the temperature in spring and summer is never quite as consistent as winter (and thanks to the advent of indoor air conditioning), Buffalo Exchange is still buying light sweaters and jackets. We’re more selective during this season, but we always love to see linen blazers, denim jackets, cool cotton pullover sweaters, open knits and current outdoor brands made for summer adventures.

Shoes, Accessories, and Jewelry Too! 

Time to take it one step further: after you’ve cleaned out your warm weather clothes, be sure to check your closet for shoes, accessories and jewelry. We’re in particular need of great sneakers, sandals, flats and lightweight boots. When it comes to accessories and jewelry, we’re looking for bags, hats, sunglasses, watches and more!

Collage of handbags, hats, shoes, sandals and sunglasses
Collage of brightly colored designer, vintage and western clothes and accessories

The Best of Buffalo

Have something to sell that doesn’t fit into any of these categories, or doesn’t quite feel like the right piece for warm weather? Bring it in! Seasons change, but great style doesn’t: Buffalo Exchange buys the best of all seasons year round, and we’re always interested in seeing designer, vintage and one-of-a-kind items.

When you’re ready to sell your warm weather closet cleanout, visit your local Buffalo Exchange whenever we’re open — we buy all day, every day, and we’re always excited to go through your items! If you’re a first time seller, learn everything you need to know about the bull-sell-trade process here. We can’t wait to see you (and your closet cleanout!)