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Pride Style Guide

Gearing up for a full schedule of Pride events this year? Peruse our Pride style guide, then head to your local Buffalo to find everything you need to rock the rainbow this year!

Sparkly rainbow platform boots

Time to Shine

The sun’s out and you know what that means: it’s time to make like Edward Cullen and shine bright. Sparkle like the star you are this summer by adding some glitter to your fits! You could DIY it, but given glitter’s crafting reputation, we recommend stopping by your local Buffalo to snag sweet platforms like these and other glittering statement pieces.

Loud and Proud

Don’t be shy – loud patterns and colors are your friend! Pride month is the time for self expression, so mix and match to your heart’s desire and take this opportunity to try something new.

Rainbow striped pants and a silver rainbow bag
Colorful rainbow sweater
Buffalo employee sign painting in sparkly purple platform boots

Stand Out From The Crowd

Stand tall and proud this summer with an ultra chunky platform. The platform comes in all shapes and sizes, from chunky sneakers to a cute pair of platform docs, so you can rock this look no matter your style. Bonus: you can see over the people in front of you at your next Pride event.

Sun Dresses in Every Shade

A summer classic for a reason, the sun dress is perfect for festival and parade season! Snag a brightly colored number and add some comfy sandals for easy, breezy Pride style.

Customer trying on a rainbow sundress in the Buffalo fitting room
Fluffy white bag with rainbow detail
White sweater vest with rainbow flower details

Add Touches of Rainbows to Your Pride Style

We love an all-rainbow fit but you don’t always need to be Roy G. Biv to rock the rainbow! Subtle rainbow colors or accessories might be all you need to bring your Pride style to life.

Show Your Closet Some Love

Pride is also about love, so don’t be afraid to do some outfit repeating and pull out your Valentine’s Day accessories! A well-used closet is a sustainable one, so shop your wardrobe for hearts and rainbows. And hey, while you’re at it, if you find some pieces in there that you don’t think you’ll wear again, then bring them into Buffalo to trade in! You could get cash or trade to put towards this year’s pride styles.

Two employees wearing matching heart pattern sweaters
Two Buffalo employees showing off their pride sidewalk chalk
Two customers showing off a black hoodie with a rainbow detail
People posing with their pride flags

Be Who You Are

If loud colors and rainbows aren’t for you, no worries! Pride is about self expression, so rock whatever makes you comfortable. Either way, stop by your local Buffalo to check out our curated Pride sections or shop your usual Buffalo favorites. Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? We love to help you shop! Just ask one of our friendly Buffalos for a helping hand.