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How to Sell Clothes: A Step-by-Step Guide

Cleaning out your closet provides major dopamine boosts, not to mention making it WAY easier to get dressed in the morning. Added bonus? When you sell clothes instead of leaving them unworn in the back of your closet, you keep them in circulation, giving others the option to buy secondhand AND you can get cash or trade credit in return as well. Win, win & win. What are you waiting for? Oh, the below steps. Carry on, then.

A closet with buffalo tote bags filled with recently decluttered items

Step One: Do a Closet Cleanout

Cleaning out doesn’t have to be overwhelming! You can do a full Marie Kondo-style overhaul, but if you’re not feeling the 3am-and-my-bed-is-still-piled-with-clothing vibes, simply flip through your closet and pull out the items you don’t wear often, if ever. Some good questions to ask yourself while going through your closet are: 

  • When was the last time I wore this? (A good rule of thumb: if you didn’t wear it the entire last season, it’s probably time to let it go)
  • Does this still fit me? (Time for a try on!)
  • Does the garment serve a purpose in my life? (Sometimes, it’s good to hold onto special occasion pieces or even laundry day fits, even if they don’t get worn often)

Step Two: Sell Clothes at Buffalo Exchange!

Instead of going through the hassle of taking photos of your items and individually selling them online, bring them into Buffalo. It’s so much quicker. You just walk in anytime with anything you’re looking to sell (they’re known for buying a wide variety of styles) and wait for a buyer to become available. There’s no appointment needed and you get to choose between cash or trade on the spot! Pro tip: Make sure to bring a valid form of state issued ID with you when selling! And don’t be afraid to chat up your buyer when they are going through your clean out!. They love to talk fashion and will be able to cue you in on how everything works and which styles are currently selling best.

A Buffalo customer holding a pile of clothing
A Buffalo customer holding a trade card

Step Three: Choose Between Trade or Cash

When selling clothes to Buffalo, you have the option between taking cash or trade! Personally, I always take the trade. It makes my shopping sprees so much more fun when I know I will get clothes basically for free (that’s girl math for you). Because of this, I always try to make a stop at Buffalo before buying online. Pro tip: you can take any combination of cash and trade. Sometimes, I like to buy a few things and take the rest in cash so I can treat myself to a nice lunch. Other times, I take anything leftover on a trade card for next time. Trade cards never expire and you never know when you’ll need a pick-me-up shopping spree!

Step Four: After You Sell Clothes, Shop!

There is no better time to look for some new-to-you finds than right after getting paid by Buffalo! Cleaning out your closet is all about curating it so that it’s full of things you actually wear and enjoy! So don’t be afraid to replenish with some sustainable, secondhand staples. Happy selling!

Customers shopping at Buffalo Exchange

Now that you’re a selling expert, get on that closet cleanout, then find your closest Buffalo Exchange and stop in anytime!