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Shopping Tips for the Annual Buffalo Exchange Earth Day $1 Sale!

Manager having fun blowing bubbles at the $1 sale
$1 sale shopper holding a bundle of clothes
Customers looking through clothes at the $1 sale

Are you ready for the biggest secondhand shopping event of the year? On Saturday, April 20th, Buffalo Exchange will be hosting our annual Earth Day $1 Sale at all locations where you can shop an unbelievable selection of clothes, shoes and accessories for just $1 apiece. The best part? 100% of proceeds from this year’s $1 Sale will benefit Goats of Anarchy, an amazing animal sanctuary in New Jersey for injured and disabled farm animals! If this is your first $1 Sale, there are a few things you need to know to have the best experience possible: shop this O.G. sale right with the tips below!

Buffalo Cashier showing off dollar bills

Arrive Early

With stock of $1 clothing being limited, make sure to arrive early! The $1 Sale won’t officially start until store opening, but we recommend lining up ahead of time so you get the chance to dig in as soon as possible!

Dress for Success

Most Buffalo stores hold their Earth Day $1 Sale outside, so make sure to wear sunscreen, comfy clothes and your most practical shoes. Also, note that dressing rooms won’t be available for $1 Sale items, so it’s helpful to wear clothes that you can easily try things on over.

Group of three friends shopping the $1 sale
Buffalo Cashier showing off dollar bills

Dollar Dollar Bills!

The Earth Day $1 Sale is CASH ONLY: remember to stop by the ATM beforehand and get your dollar bills (or 5, 10s or 20s!) While you can’t use store credit or gift cards on $1 sale items, you can always use them on normal, non-$1 Sale items if you’d like to continue shopping around afterwards.

Bring Your Friends

Nothing makes waiting in line and digging through bins as much fun as your friends do (other than those amazing $1 finds, of course). While you’re rummaging through treasures, remember to be kind and respectful to other shoppers: the Earth Day $1 Sale is meant to be a fun event to connect with your community, and it’s all for a great cause!

A group of friends shopping the $1 sale
Image of a person holding the Buffalo tote bags

Carry It All With a Tote Bag

This tip is optional but highly recommended: Buffalo Exchange is a plastic bagless-business, so bring a bag to hold your haul (and bonus points if you use a reusable tote!) Don’t have one? Buffalo has some of the cutest tote bags around, and they’re made from recycled materials — it’s the perfect accessory for an Earth Day event like this!

Ready, Set, Go(at!)

Now that you’ve reviewed all of our handy tips, you’ll be an expert at the Earth Day $1 Sale. Set your alarms bright and early for Saturday, April 20th, and until then, get a close-up of the cuties your donation will help support on the Goats of Anarchy Instagram! If you don’t get a chance to shop the $1 Sale in 2024, don’t stress: there’s always next year! Keep up with $1 Sale announcements on Buffalo Exchange’s Instagram and TikTok.

Jacob the baby goat wearing a cast and looking at the camera
Friends shopping the sale
Customer by $1 sale sign holding a bundle of clothing
Three friends shopping the $1 sale