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March Acts of Kindness

That’s a wrap on the first quarter of 50 Acts of Kindness! In case you hadn’t heard, Buffalo Exchange is celebrating 50 years of sustainable style by giving back to the communities we’re part of across the nation, all year long. March started off big in Texas with Buffalo Outlet San Antonio supporting wildlife rehabilitation, and from March 11-17, we doubled down with double donations through our Tokens for Bags® program! Even though it was St. Patrick’s Day, Buffalo Exchange Phoenix didn’t need any luck to keep green by supporting the Arizona Community Tree Council. Rounding out March, Buffalo Exchange Las Vegas made their mark on the lives of those in need by donating period supplies to Project Marilyn.

Baby Fawn drinking from bottle

Kindness Act #9: Supporting Native Wildlife with Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation at BE San Antonio

Buffalo Outlet San Antonio kicked off the month by supporting animals in partnership with Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation. This sanctuary provides over 10,000 wild animals a year with sanctuary, individualized care and advocacy on their behalf. Among the 10,000 animals are bobcats, coyotes, opossums, raccoons, skunks, squirrels, and many other mammals (along with over 100 species of birds and reptiles!) In addition to sanctuary, Wildlife Rescue serves as a permanent residence to over 500 animals, including farm animals rescued from cruelty or abandonment. To learn more and support their awesome mission, visit

Kindness Act #10: Double Token for Bags® at all Buffalo Exchange Stores

Frequent Buffalo shoppers already know about our Tokens for Bags® program, but if you’re unfamiliar, here’s how it works: instead of giving out single-use plastic bags with each purchase, Buffalo Exchange hands each shopper a 5¢ token (representing the cost of a plastic bag) to  donate to one of three local non-profits currently featured in the store. Since its start in 1994, this program has raised over $926,025 for nonprofits nationwide and saved over 18.5 MILLION plastic bags from polluting the environment. From March 11th through the 17th, Buffalo customers had the opportunity to double down on their favorite charity or spread the love between their two top picks. If you didn’t get to shop, don’t worry: this program runs all year long, so be sure to check out which organizations your local Buffalo is currently supporting here!

Buffalo Exchange employee holding tokens for tokens for bags program over donation boxes

Kindness Act #11: Planting Trees with Arizona Community Tree Council at BE Phoenix

Buffalo Exchange Phoenix brought shade to the desert by supporting the Arizona Community Tree Council: this organization works with volunteers and businesses to create green spaces, urban forests, and neighborhoods with plenty of shade to provide relief from the hot desert sun. Through education and training, ACTC helps keep trees healthy by connecting tree owners with Certified Arborists and Tree Workers. For more information on how you can help make the desert a greener place, visit

Kindness Act #12: Supporting Project Marilyn at BE Las Vegas

Did you also know that two in five people cannot afford period supplies each year due to lack of income? Or that, despite this fact, you cannot use Medicaid, SNAP or EBT to purchase period supplies, as they’re classified as a luxury item?  In honor of Women’s History Month, Buffalo Exchange Las Vegas worked to close that gap by donating period supplies to Project Marilyn, a local nonprofit dedicated to bringing dignity to people with periods by providing free supplies to the Las Vegas community. If you want to ensure every individual has a healthy and dignified period, consider making a donation here!

Thank you to all those who have supported our efforts to give back to these incredible non-profits. Be sure to stop by on April 20th for one of the biggest Acts of Kindness and an annual favorite, the Earth Day $1 Sale! Keep up with our Acts of Kindness throughout 2024!