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Fangtastic Halloween Costume Ideas for 2021

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If, like us, you believe that Halloween is the most spooktacular time of the year, then we know you’ve already been planning out your costumes since June. But just in case you need a little extra inspo, here are the costumes that, for us, are love at first bite. Whether you’re staying in for a horror movie marathon or taking to the town, these ideas are sure to give all your friends pumpkin to talk about!

Blockbuster Costumes

Put together a fabulous Cruella De Vil or adorable spotted dalmatian costume and you’ll be giving all your friends 101 reasons to love your look this Halloween.

Cruella De Vil and 101 Dalmatians costume, costumes for Halloween 2020
5 Buffalo employees dressed as characters from Wizard of Oz
Close your eyes, click your heels and say it three times…there’s no place like a scream-worthy group costume! Follow the yellow brick road to a wonderfully Wizard of Oz costume with four of your best pals.
Are you up to no good? Live up to your favorite super villain with a heel to match!
DC Villains, Halloween Costumes, Buffalo Exchange, Long Beach
Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn (Boerum Hill), Joker Halloween Costume
All jokes aside, put a smile on your face and hit the town!


Get lost in the game! Pay homage to your favorite pop superstar in one of Britney’s timeless looks.

Buffalo Exchange Albuquerque, Britney Spears Halloween Costume
Buffalo Exchange Dallas, Britney Spears Halloween Costume
We’re intoxicated by this jaw-dropping costume!
This is your sign! Hit us baby one more time with a boo-licious Britney appearance.
Buffalo Exchange Albuquerque, Britney Spears Halloween Costume
Buffalo Exchange Orange County Fullerton Halloween The Flintstones Fred Wilma Barney Betty Pebbles Dino

The Gang’s All Here

Yabba-Dabba-DO put together this group costume with your friends! #SquadGhouls

No need to go chasing witches when your costume looks this good! The ever-fashionable TLC is the perfect costume inspiration for any trio of besties – no scrubs allowed.
Buffalo Exchange Group Halloween Costumes TLC Costume
Buffalo Exchange Group Halloween Costumes Scooby Doo Costume
If your friend group looks this good, you all deserve a Scooby snack! From Daphne to Velma, you can find looks for your mystery solving team at Buffalo Exchange.
I choose you – to put on the Pikachu costume! Don’t you want to be the very best, like no one ever was?
Buffalo Exchange Pokemon Costume
Buffalo Exchange Stranger Things Costumes
This year, exchange your things for a Stranger Things group costume! When you sell your closet cleanout, you can grab 25% back in cash or 50% in trade to put towards new-to-you Halloween looks.

Off the Cuff Halloween Costume Ideas

Jumba and Pleakley are an unforgettable duo that are easy to mimic. Got Hawaiian print?

Buffalo Exchange Ventura,Pleakley and Jumba Halloween Costume
Buffalo Exchange Bellingham, Carmen Sandiego, Halloween Costume
Where in the world is my red coat? Oh, found it! Carmen San Diego makes for an easy yet timeless costume classic.
Are you a true spicy nuggets fan if you don’t dress up as THE Wendy? Throw together this simple dress and blouse combo with pieces from Buffalo Exchange.
Buffalo Exchange Nashville, Wendy's Halloween Costume
Buffalo Exchange Monster Costume
You already have the beauty and the brains, why not dress up as Oblina? Grab a black and white top and DIY a paper mask.
Dig in to Halloween with a boo-licious food costume! Take some red items from your own closet or pick them up at Buffalo Exchange and cook up some DIY spaghetti threads for a mouthwatering look.
Buffalo Exchange Tucson, Spaghetti Halloween Costume
Whether you’re feeling spooky this Halloween or more too-cute-to-spook, you can find pieces for all your Halloween costume ideas at your local Buffalo Exchange. Need a little extra help? Check in with one of our costume stylists! P.S. If you’ve been cleaning out a few of the skeletons in your closet, bring in your closet cleanout before you shop! You could get trade to put towards your ghastly good Halloween costumes.