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Celebrating Pride Month

In honor of Pride month, we’re highlighting some of our amazing Buffalos. Learn about how they express their style, how they celebrate Pride, and what it means to them!
Keegan sitting in a taxi

Keegan | Cashier at BE Williamsburg

How would you describe your style?

90s punk meets gay grandpa. I take a lot of inspiration from older butches and Rodrick Heffley. My closet consists of denim vests, 80s streetwear, oversized band tees and too many Doc Martens.

How do you celebrate Pride month?

With friends! I love going dancing, hitting up Jacob Riis Beach, rewatching Rocky Horror Picture Show and marching in parades (of course).

What does pride mean to you?

Pride to me is freedom. I grew up in a conservative town, so getting to be in NYC with amazing opportunities and friends and coworkers who love me for me is worth celebrating!

Lily | Buyer at BE Austin (SoCo)

How would you describe your style?

My style is ever changing, but I can’t stay away from bright colors and fun textures!

How do you celebrate Pride month?

My first Pride month out as queer was during the beginning of the pandemic and I celebrated it with a bottle of rainbow champagne and two of my closest friends. I didn’t get to have the huge celebration that we normally associate with Pride month and I think that has stuck with me. I celebrate Pride month by holding my best and queerest friends close and celebrating the queer folks of the past, present and future who risk themselves for their own joy and the joy of those in their community.

What is your day-to-day like working at Buffalo?

I spend a lot of time buying, tagging and sorting clothes. I basically just get to shop all day, which is pretty rad.

Lily in a summer dress
Sarah in front of a fountain

Sarah | Buyer Expert at BE Somerville

What’s your favorite part about working at Buffalo?

All my wonderful coworkers. It’s a safe space to be alternative and queer. Besides my coworkers, I love being able to experiment with fashion with my daily outfits as well as with what’s in store. Finding clothes that work for you is very empowering, so I love being a stylist to my friends, coworkers and people in the store.

What does Pride mean to you?

To me, Pride means queer joy, community and also queer protest. Always questioning those in power and standing up for those in need. We can’t forget that Pride was started by people, at the forefront of whom, were trans women of color who finally said, “Enough! We deserve to exist! We are people and deserve to be treated as such.”

Three words that describe you?

Creative, driven and caring.

Madin | Associate Store Manager at BE Costa Mesa

What’s your favorite part about working at Buffalo?

That every day I get to be my true self, put my best foot forward and do what I love with a company that aligns with my beliefs.

What does Pride mean to you?

Pride means that I can be my most authentic self without caring what others might think. I’m me and that’s enough. Even if you aren’t out yet or if you struggle with your identity, you can always take pride in who you are in the now and where you will be in your future.

What do you like doing outside of work?

I play DND with my friends, play video games, make a lot of art and sing!

Madin in a pink heart top and skirt
E showing off their style

E | Cashier at BE Brookline

How do you celebrate Pride month?

Every year for the past few years, I have not only attended Boston community Pride events but have also begun selling my art that emphasizes the celebration of queer and trans love life and joy. I make an intentional effort to surround myself with like-minded queer and trans people. I recognize the history of Pride and celebrate and take action to continue the fight for liberation for all.

What does Pride mean to you?

The first Pride was a riot, started and forcefully led by Black and Brown trans women and drag queens. In queer history, resilience and revolution have a deep and rich history. I believe that Pride should be celebrated all year round and should be two-fold, with action and celebration at the forefront. You cannot have the joy of celebration without putting in work within the community and taking action to continue the fight for liberation for all. And you also cannot have liberation without exercising celebration and joy; other incredible forms of resistance. Recognizing the identities of the people who risked and/ or lost their lives fighting so that I can walk outside my house confidently as a visible proud trans/queer person is imperative. Pride is resistance and revolution.


Eden | Store Manager at BE Melrose

How would you describe your style?

Post-modern androgyny! I pull a lot of inspiration from androgynous looks of different eras but like to reinvent them in a way that avoids historic reenactment. I also draw a lot of inspiration from different subcultures I am involved in. If we want the future to be genderless, why not create it now in the way we dress?

How do you celebrate Pride month?

Pride is all year – I celebrate by spending time with my loved ones! Going to my friends’ Pride performances and supporting queer people in my life.

What does Pride mean to you?

Pride means choosing to be my fullest self every day. I grew up in a very religious family so, like many other queer people, I had to find my chosen family outside of the family I grew up in. Pride to me is a celebration of those people and myself. Being queer is often a protest and a celebration all wrapped into one and so is Pride.

Eden showing off their style
Kinnian showing off their style

Kinnian | Buyer Solo at BE Spokane

What’s your favorite part about working at Buffalo?

I love geeking out over cool clothes with customers and coworkers alike. Getting to hear about events people are excited about and helping them find outfits is always super fun too. I’ve also made so many friends, and they’ll always be the most important thing I’ve gained while working at Buffalo.

What does Pride mean to you?

Freedom. Celebrating being alive! I never classically came out. I didn’t really tell anyone, I just started living and expressing myself the way I wanted to and assumptions came with it. For me, Pride is a time for experimentation and unapologetic loudness. Not to say I’m not just generally a loud person, but there’s an air of celebratory enthusiasm during Pride that’s some of the deepest, realest support I’ve ever experienced. It encourages me to step out of my comfort zone and be who I am in a way that can’t be ignored.


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