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Meet Katriel: Model, Stylist, and Buyer at Buffalo Exchange Las Vegas!

Collage image of slim young person wearing masculine, brightly colored outfits
Growing up, Katriel cites his parents for inspiring his interest in fashion. His dad is an R&B musician with a flair for good style and his grandmother was a whiz on the sewing machine. His parents were also excellent cooks. In high school, Katriel studied the culinary arts and had the chance to work with chefs in Las Vegas. While he loved the artistic aspect of plating food and the way that his dishes would delight customers, he ultimately decided that fashion was his true love.
Person stands in front of a yellow wall wearing orange-tinted sunglasses, a flame-print sweater, baggy dark-wash jeans and red Nike Cortez sneakers
Katriel sitting on a cement curb wearing a black leather motorcycle jacket, black t-shirt, light wash denim and white loafers with socks
Katriel stands in front of a suburban home wearing a cropped white tank top, black and red checkered jeans, and orange Converse sneakers
Katriel wearing an unbuttoned pink abstract-print short-sleeve shirt with a white t-shirt underneath, light wash denim, and colorful Nikes
Originally a sneakerhead with a self-described 90s Fresh Prince-inspired style, he now takes inspiration from Jimi Hendrix, Lenny Kravitz and the 1970s. “I’m a sneakerhead at heart,” he says, “but a boot guy on the feet.” He still has a collection of more than 50 sneakers, with prized possessions like a pair of Air Jordan 1s from 1985 (the first Jordan ever made) and Kendrick Lamar Cortez’s, but his style now is more runway. Think 1970s vintage, Western styles, square toes, loafers and boots. “Being bold with fashion,” he says, “is one of the reasons why fashion is what it is. Be different. Make something out of nothing. Make it yours… I never want to look like somebody else.” When it comes to styling or creating the perfect photograph, Katriel recommends spontaneity. “If you see anything around you, take advantage of it. Step outside of your comfort zone. Put something on that you’re not comfortable with and see people’s reaction.”
Katriel wearing an unbuttoned orange short-sleeve button down, white t-shirt, patchwork denim flares, and orange Converse sneakers
a slim man leans against a pole in a parking lot wearing a white tank top, black pants with fringe down the legs and orange platform Converse sneakers
Katriel standing on a pile of cinder blocks wearing a black denim jacket over a white t-shirt, black flared pants and burgundy boots
a slim man poses in front of a bright yellow wall wearing a grey pinstripe leisure suit, floral button-down a black pointed-toe boots
Katriel has been working at Buffalo since June of 2019. He loves the way that the job teaches you about a wide variety of styles. With such a diverse staff, as well, you not only get to see the styles – you get to see how people wear them. He also loves talking to customers and finding just the right piece for them. “Just have fun,” he says. “Of course you have to work hard and get your job done, but if you’re not having fun, then the customers won’t have fun. The rest of the staff won’t have fun.”