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Last-Minute Costume Ideas for Lazy Bones

It’s that time of the year again — where Halloween is around the corner and you haven’t crafted your costume yet. We’ve all been there! That’s why we summoned up this list of costume ideas that are as easy to put together as waving a magic wand. No one will know you’re really dressed as someone who didn’t wait until the last minute!

If You Only Wear Black

While it’s associated with wicked witches and unlucky cats, black is a beloved closet staple for many. From 1950s greasers, sci-fi stars in the Matrix, musical mavericks like Frank-N-Furter, and the always-chic Mary Kate and Ashley — black has got your back once again this Halloween. You’ll technically be in costume, but it’ll feel like just another outfit to you!

A person in a goth costume wearing head-to-toe black, including a newsboy cap, leather jacket, button down, baggy PVC pants, and Doc Martens boots.
A group of 4 people dressed as 50s Greasers in black and white outfits posing by an alley wall
A person dressed up as Neo from the Matrix wearing sunglasses, a long black coat, a black top, black leggings, and black chunky platform boots.
A person dressed as Frank-N-Furter with a theatrical eyeshadow look, and a black tank top, hot pants, fishnets, and arm sleeves.
Two people recreating a paparazzi photo of Mary Kate and Ashley, both wearing all black dresses, boots, sunglasses, and holding Starbucks.

If Your Closet Is Pale as Ghost

If all black isn’t your thing, but you love monochrome looks, don’t despair! With the right accessories, those summer staples can turn into sweet-but-spooky styles. Who said you can’t wear white after Labor Day? Grab a halo or wings for a quick angel costume, a flower crown for a Midsommar maiden, or live out your Stevie Nicks-inspired dreams with boho jewelry and suede boots. 

A person in a simple angel costume wearing a white dress, white boots, and a halo.
Two people dressed as the characters from the movie Romeo + Juliet (1996) in a white dress with angel wings and the other in a Hawaiian shirt
A group of people dressed as the cult from the movie Midsommar, all wearing white, mid-length dresses and flower crowns.
A person dressed as Stevie Nicks in a flowy white dress, suede booties, and layered bohemian necklaces.

If Your Favorite Color Is Pink

You wear pink every day, not just Wednesdays, so why should Halloween be any different? For major main-character energy, think pink with costumes like Barbie, Mean Girls, and the pink princess herself, Paris Hilton. Loves it!

A group of people wearing different Barbie costumes including cowgirl, preppy, and schoolgirl Barbie, and a person dressed as Ken in the middle.
Two people wearing light pink and hot pink Barbie outfits
A group of people dressed as the Mean Girls clique wearing all pink early 2000s and preppy looks.
A person dressed as Paris Hilton wearing a tiara, a long, platinum blonde wig, and a pink velour tracksuit

If You Have Denim for Days

…and you’re looking for an excuse to wear your favorite jeans. Again. Lucky for you, there are plenty of icons who love denim too! Don your best dungarees for a classic cowboy look, throw on some overalls and join the Minions madness, pull out your vintage washes for a Seinfeld group fit, or choose The Simple Life with your bestie. Wrangling with a full-on denim addiction? Deck yourself out in denim-on-denim as a throwback to Britney and Justin’s legendary Canadian tux moment.

Two people dressed as cowboys in felt cowboy hats, fringe suede jackets, dark blue jeans with cuffed legs, and cowboy boots.
Two people dressed as Minions wearing yellow t-shirts under denim overalls.
A group dressed as the characters of Seinfeld wearing 80s inspired attire.
Two people dressed as Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie from The Simple Life
Two people in Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake costumes wearing head-to-toe denim outfits.

If You’re Wild for Animal Prints

Lions and tigers and cows, oh my! As an animal print lover, it won’t be hard to spot a costume like this in your closet. Plus, a faux fur coat will keep you warm all night!

A person in a lion costume complete with lion ears, an oversized brown faux fur coat, yellow jeans, and black sneakers.
A group of people in cow costumes with cow ear headbands, and some variation of cow print faux fur coats, shirts, socks, and shoes.
Two people dressed in animal prints dressed as a tiger and a leopard.
A person wearing a rubber cow animal mask, a cow print coat, a black dress, and western cow print ankle boots.

If You’ve Joined the Western Bandwagon

If you’ve been loving the western wear trend, then saddle up, folks, this one’s for you. Whether you’ve got a cowboy hat or some buckaroo boots, we reckon all you really need to pull this off is the attitude. Yeehaw!

A person wearing a white cowboy hat, a pink denim vest, pink denim pants with white stars at the hem, and white lug sole boots.
Two people wearing black cowboy hats, black tank tops, black jeans with western embellishments like embroidery or studs, and black boots.
Two people in cowboy gear wearing cowboy hats, denim, and western boots.
Two people wearing pink and black cowboy costumes with fringe, cowboy hats, and cowboy boots

If You Have Formal Wear Haunting Your Wardrobe

That dress or tux you’ve only worn once is still hanging in your closet, so why not wear it again? Keep it simple as a royal bride, sweethearts at prom, Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction, or go for the scream queen title à la Carrie and splatter yourself in fake blood. If your friends are also haunted by dresses from the past, you can all go together as the ladies who lunch from Big Little Lies. Whatever you choose, it’ll be a night to remember!

A group of people dressed as the characters from the TV show Big Little Lies wearing gowns, heels, and messy makeup.
A person wearing a cream colored vintage lace and tulle ball gown.
Two people dressed as a couple at prom in a floral satin dress and corsage and gray tuxedo.
A person dressed as Vincent Vega from the movie Pulp Fiction, wearing a tuxedo, a bolo tie, and their hair pulled back in a ponytail.
Two people in vintage gowns dressed like the characters Carrie and Baby Jane in long white vintage dresses
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