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Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day! We’re celebrating some of the lovely ladies who have made Buffalo what it is today, and who continue to shape our future! They inspire us every day, so we wanted to know — what inspires them?

Photo of Alondra standing in crochet dress; reads "Buffalo Exchange Santa Monica Store Manager, 6 Years With Buffalo

“For motivation in business and work, my father is my #1. He raised me to have a strong work ethic & to take pride in what I do. He always told me that if I was gonna do something, I should do it right.”


Regina wearing polka dot blouse; reads Buffalo Exchange Chicago (Wicker Park) Store Manager - 2 Years With Buffalo

“The best advice I’ve ever gotten was from my mother. She told me, ‘do what you love and the money will follow.'”


Jade wearing purple fuzzy coat; reads Area Manager, 10 Years With Buffalo Exchange

“My fashion inspo comes from club music. Vivienne Westwood dressing the Prodigy, McQueen dressing Bjork, Arca and Dominique Jackson walking for Mugler. These are all moments I think about while putting on my XXL Deftones tee shirt in the morning.”


Tanya wearing a grey cardigan and sunglasses; reads Assistant Operations Manager - 27 Years With Buffalo Exchange

“My biggest fashion inspiration currently is Moira Rose’s character from Schitt’s Creek. She is a woman over 50 that still chooses to bring class, fashion, modernism and edginess to her everyday look.”


Monique sitting on blue truck; reads Buffalo Outlet San Antonio Store Manager, 18 Years With Buffalo Exchange

“Success to me as a boss is to be kind. In this world, more than ever, we need more mentors and leaders that are compassionate, kind and helpful. To this day, I try to stay humble and remind myself that I will always have challenges as a boss and that showing your human side is ok when you’re in charge.”


Melissa taking mirror selfie; reads Buffalo Exchange Chelsea Store Manager - 4 Years With Buffalo

“You have to be passionate about what you do. Otherwise, it’s just going to be another job. Work is like a safe place for me.”


Vella wearing white blouse and necklace; reads Chief Operations Officer, 43 years with Buffalo Exchange

“I’m inspired by women that remain fashionable for the long haul, like Helen Mirren or Iris Apfel, and Kerstin!”


Alex wearing camo outfit; reads BE San Francisco (Mission) Store Manager - 4 Years With Buffalo

“If I need a moment of empowerment, I love to listen to anything by Solange. She makes such calming but uplifting and beautiful music! She focuses on the ‘divine femininity’ and it reminds me to feel comfortable in my own skin.”



Christina in snake print dress with pink telfar tote; reads Area Manager, 17 Years With Buffalo

“When I started in 2005, I didn’t know much about business, much less about what I wanted to do with my life. Working for these amazing women has given me an incredible career I am proud of and they have taught me everything I know.”


Dan wearing printed blouse and jeans in front of orange door; reads Store Development Coordinator - 38 Years With Buffalo

“Never surround yourself with people who think exactly the same as you do; a diversity of ideas always gives you stronger results.”


Rebecca wearing a block printed top with pink circles; reads Vice President - 33 Years With Buffalo

“When I want to feel empowered I often throw on a Miranda Lambert playlist. Her songs are funny, irreverent, and strong. Don’t we all want to be that?”