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Black History Month Highlight: Meet Non-profit Organization Black Girls Smile!

Community is needed right now more than ever: the work of Black Girls Smile centers on providing safe spaces for Black girls and women to invest in their mental health and wellness through in-person, virtual and hybrid programming. In addition to providing connections to resources like crisis-call lines, mental health professionals, specialized disorder support and more, Black Girls Smile also engages the community in various programs and workshops, including the Charlyne McFarland Therapy Assistance Program. Honoring the memory of BGS founder Lauren Carson’s grandmother, this program aims to alleviate the financial burden of seeking therapy for young Black women and girls by providing financial support for up to 6 months of therapy sessions with a licensed mental health professional.

In addition to hosting events like the ‘Black Girls Are Magic’ Sisterhood Summit of 2022, Black Girls Smile offers “wellness goodies” that help make mental health conversations feel less daunting and invite more people to join the journey of culturally responsive and gender-affirming wellness. Support the work of Black Girls Smile today by making a monetary donation here or by gifting items to build wellness kits for Black girls and women!