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5 Winter Fashion Trends to Heat Up Your Wardrobe

Winter is coming — has that joke gotten old yet? If so, please accept our apologies: we’re just really excited about these winter fashion trends! From mid-December through the ides of March, these pieces, color palettes, textures and more will rule supreme over the icy landscapes of winter. Scroll through for the trends you’ll be seeing everywhere (including your own closet) over the next three months.

Poof, There It Is: Puffer Jackets 

Quilted jackets with lots of volume are one of our favorite winter fashion trends. Puffer jackets might sound like just a retro throwback, but the puffers of 2022 and 2023 are technologically and sartorially advanced, often providing more warmth and style options than their 19th century counterparts.

person standing outside in a light snow wearing a burnt-orange puffer jacket and blue shearling set
person standing on sidewalk covered in yellow leaves wearing floral jumpsuit with matching tote and blue puffer jacket
person standing in front of graffitied garage door wearing large white puffer jacket that partially conceals their face
people wearing brightly colored, plush faux fur clothing in shades of pink, red and blue

Warm and Fuzzy Feelings

Plush is everywhere this winter! Wrap yourself up in this winter fashion trend by way of an oversized teddy jacket and a 90s-inspired fuzz bucket hat or go all-out with a pair of plush pants.

Walking Through a Winter Fashion Trend Wonderland: White Dresses for Winter

LBD, meet the WWD — that is, the ‘winter-white dress’! Long gone are the days when white was reserved for the summer: nowadays, we’re rocking white dresses year round. With a little bit of layering (and your favorite pair of winter boots,) your favorite dress from July is weather-ready to be worn this winter.

person wearing western hat, brown leather jacket and white crocheted dressstands on sidewalk holding onto Buffalo Exchange sandwich boar
person standing against draped window wearing white cotton midi dress, burgundy lace up boots and black sweater tied around their neck
person wearing sleeveless white dress and black cowboy boots stands in a field with trees in the background
Three photos of different people styling cargo pants with sweaters

Under Construction: Cargos and Work Pants 

If you’ve felt that the winter fashion trends thus far have been all puff, let’s get down to business. Cargos and work pants — distinguishable by their often reinforced seams and straight, less voluminous cuts — have had a major moment this year. Style them yourself with other blue-collar classics like flannel and hoodies.

Ice Ice, Baby: Pastels for Winter

Morticia Addams might call this winter fashion trend unforgivable, but icy pastels are huge this year. You can’t go wrong wearing multiple shades at once, but for a super sleek take, we love a monochrome look.

three people stand on a sidewalk wearing voluminous, pastel Selkie dresses
a person strikes a cheer pose while wearing lavender cropped sweater, pants, bucket hat and white tee shirt with sneakers
two people in coordinated Dickies two piece-sets high-five over teal Buffalo Exchange sandwich board between them

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