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5 Fall 2021 Trends We Can’t Wait to Wear

"5 Fall 2021 Trends We Can’t Wait to Wear" text over three photos of people in brightly-colored fall outfits
Fall is almost here! We’re looking forward to cooler weather, light jackets, pumpkin spice and everything else that comes with the season — including the newest upcoming trends! Since our sartorial adventures were put on hold last year, we can expect to see some big changes in style. We’re switching out neutrals for pops of color, relaxed leisurewear for elevated wide legged and slouchy pants and throwing it back to the early 2000s (we did have a lot of fun back then!).

Here are 5 fall 2021 trends that we can’t wait to wear this season. Some styles have been simmering for a few months, waiting for their time to shine, and some are fresh off the fashion presses!

Super Saturated Color

It’s time to set aside all the neutral colors and refresh your closet with bright greens, punchy pinks and bold blues. Whether you’re looking for an accent piece or full-on monochromatic dressing, there’s a color-rich style for you!

person walking on neighborhood sidewalk in New York City wearing platform Dr.Martens boots and oversized neon green blazer
Buffalo Exchange NoHo
A person wearing a blue midi dress and white sneakers with another person in a blue cropped tank, black pants, and Nike Air Max sneakers
Buffalo Exchange San Diego (Pacific Beach)
Person standing in front of orange shopfront wearing a mustard double-breasted suit with white crop top underneath and white sneakers
Buffalo Exchange East Village
Person standing in front of shaped hedge wearing orange and brown-toned vintage inspired outfit with mini skirt and tall leather boots
Buffalo Exchange Fullerton

The Return of Y2K

The era everybody is talking about! Some key pieces that are coming back: small handbags, logos, mesh tops, mini skirts, fun prints and flared pants. If you are looking for inspo, make sure to check out looks from celebrities like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, The Spice Girls and Hillary Duff!

Two people standing back to back wearing metallic red and purple flared pants
Buffalo Exchange San Diego (Pacific Beach)
Person wearing a brown tie-front crochet cardigan over a white tube top, denim Von Dutch miniskirt, and white high-top Converse sneakers.
Buffalo Exchange Chicago (Andersonville)
Person wearing a cropped orange tank, green and white checker print flare pants, and black platform boots
Buffalo Exchange San Diego (Pacific Beach)

Ultra-Relaxed Denim and Pants

We can’t talk about Y2K without mentioning its predecessor, the early and mid 1990s! When it comes to fall 2021 trends, super wide, ultra-relaxed bottoms are back in a major way. Work them into your wardrobe with casual denim, crisp khakis or fun printed party pants!

Three people stand in front of a window with 90s-inspired decals wearing graphic tees and oversized, wide leg denim
Buffalo Exchange Portland (Hawthorne)
Person wearing royal blue short sleeved button down, wide leg khaki pants, chunky silver chains, and white Nike sneakers
Buffalo Exchange Chicago (Wicker Park)
Person in a red halter top, silver chain necklace, red cargo pants and patchwork leather shoulder bag
Buffalo Exchange San Diego (Hillcrest)
Two pairs of I.Am.Gia pants hang on a wall mounted garment bar. The left pair is pink tiger-print and the right are an off-white pair of cargo pants
Buffalo Exchange Sherman Oaks

Sweater Vests

While we’ve been seeing them for a season or two, we weren’t sure if this was a passing fad or a lasting trend. Now, we know that sweater vests have true style stamina! Try them out to smoothly transition your summer outfits to suit chilly fall days.

Person wearing an oversized lime green sweater vest over a gray t-shirt with matching green shorts and platform sandals
Buffalo Exchange Houston
A person wearing a pink button-down under a houndstooth sweater vest and jeans, and another person wearing a mauve sweater vest and jeans
Buffalo Exchange Kansas City
Two people pose in front of a shop window wearing fuzzy sweater vests
Buffalo Exchange Seattle (Ballard)
7 sleeveless knit sweater vests in different muted colors and patterns hang on a clothing bar
Buffalo Exchange Kansas City

Apres Ski

While we’re still a few months away from hitting the slopes, you can dress like you just jumped off the lift with ski suits and puffer jackets in retro color palettes like 80s pastels and primary color blocking! This fall 2021 trend is guaranteed to keep you warm and cozy.

A person stands on snow next to an iced-over building wearing vintage ski wear and cow print boots
Buffalo Exchange Chicago (Wicker Park)
Person standing in front of wire fence wears a butter-yellow ski suit from the 80s and yellow-tinted rimless sunglasses
Buffalo Exchange Eugene
Aerial view of pearlescent pink snowsuit and white platform boots
Buffalo Exchange Sherman Oaks
camera pointed down at bright red ski suit styled with white-sold hiking sneakers, silver chain necklaces, black backpack and beanie
Buffalo Exchange Eugene
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