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5 Essentials for Your Winter Outfits

Man in a black leather jacket, two people wearing green faux fur coats and person wearing a blue suit layered with a blue plaid scarf

It’s the season of pumpkin spice, snowflakes and everything nice! With temperatures dropping and winter just around the corner, we’re all looking for ways to layer up and get cozy. Not sure how to take your fall wardrobe into winter? Read on for some of our favorite winter outfit essentials – then shop them at a Buffalo near you!

Statement Coats

Trying to figure out how to add some excitement to your winter style? You can never go wrong by pairing a simple outfit with a statement coat. Think bright colors, faux fur trims (or full faux fur), fun prints and oversized silhouettes.

Two people wearing matching fuschia coats
Two people standing in front of a blue wall wearing green faux fur coats
Buffalo Exchange San Francisco (Haight St.)
A person wearing a pink fur coat and pink fuzzy cowgirl hat in the snow
Buffalo Exchange Minneapolis
A person wearing a leopard print coat, black pants, and plaid boots, and another person wearing a yellow faux fur coat and yellow pants
Buffalo Exchange Boston (Somerville)
A person wearing a see through coat with pink faux fur trim and pink accessories
Buffalo Exchange Boston (Somerville)
two people posing in a dressing room wearing matching checkered printed sweaters, blue jeans and black boots
Buffalo Exchange Pittsburgh

Geometric Prints

Take your winter outfits to the next level with geometric prints. Whether you prefer curved checkers, circles or plaid, they’re surprisingly easy to wear and mix and match. Wear this trend in a variety of fun colors or just keep it classic in black and white.

A person wearing a green and white checkered sweater and black and white geometric printed pants
Buffalo Exchange New York (NoHo)
A person wearing a burnt orange colored cropped polo shirt abd brown checkered pants with a black belt
Buffalo Exchange San Diego (Hillcrest)
Two people wearing red jackets and black and white gingham pants
Buffalo Exchange Tempe
A person wearing black and white checkered jacket, pink pants, a black hat and a white handbag
Buffalo Exchange San Diego (Pacific Beach)

Leather on Leather

Give your winter outfits an edge with a full leather look. Wear a classic moto jacket for a rocker vibe or opt for fun bright colors for a more modern look this winter.

A person wearing a black leather jacket over a black and red printed shirt
Buffalo Exchange New York (Brooklyn)
A person with curly red hair standing against an orange wall wearing a vintage green leather coat and black crop top
Buffalo Exchange Eugene
A person standing again a white brick wall wearing a full black outfit with a pleather trench coat, black skinny jeans and platform boots
Buffalo Exchange San Diego (Pacific Beach)
Close up of a person wearing a red leather jacket with metal hooks
Buffalo Exchange New York (Astoria)
A person wearing a black leather jacket and blue cropped pants
Buffalo Exchange Costa Mesa
A person wearing a silver flower-print coat over a black outfit with a silver belt, and another wearing an olive green suit with a black belt
Buffalo Exchange Tempe

Power up Your Winter Outfits With a Suit

From casual to more formal, suits are one of the easiest and quickest outfits to put together. Accessorize with a waist belt to make a statement or layer up with a scarf for cooler weather.

a person wearing a blue pinstriped suit layered with a blue plaid scarf and a black hat
Buffalo Exchange Philadelphia
A person wearing an orange and beige two piece plaid suit
Buffalo Exchange Seattle
Woman standing in front of red tinsel and gold balloons wearing oversized plaid blazer, bowler hat and black skinny jeans
Buffalo Exchange Austin
A person wearing an oversized grey blazer and distressed blue jeans
Buffalo Exchange Ventura


One of the must-have trends for this winter, shackets are perfect for layering and great for more casual winter outfits. They’re like a classic plaid shirt, but even more chic!

Two people wearing Plaid Shackets, cropped pants and holding a Buffalo Exchange tote
Buffalo Exchange Chicago (Andersonville)
A person layering up a yellow plaid shacket over a white tee and a green jacket
Buffalo Exchange Chicago (Andersonville)
A person wearing an oversized flannel shirt over a dress and white tall boots
Buffalo Exchange Sherman Oaks

Feeling cozy just looking at all these cool-weather essentials? Clean out your closet and sell at your local Buffalo Exchange today! Buffalo Exchange buys the best of all seasons year-round and you could pick up 25% back in cash or 50% in trade to put towards new-to-you winter outfits.

Published November 10, 2021